Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
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Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway

Visiting Clubs

Frimley and Ascot Locomotive Club has open days when visiting clubs are invited to run their locomotives on our track. Once the date of the next open day has been decided, the details will be posted on this site.

The railway comprises a multigauge ground level track and a multigauge raised track. For details please refer to the Track Layout page.

The general guidelines and logistics for open days are as follows:

The site and tracks will normally be open from 10 am on meeting dates.

For club events lasting two days or more, campers and caravans may be able to park overnight (camping by the general public is not permitted). Please contact us in advance if you wish to stay overnight, as we need to advise the Park Management. Information regarding alternative local camping sites, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments can be provided on request.

Park gates will be locked at sunset and there is a 2 m high barrier at the entrance - please contact us in advance if this is a problem.

There is a toilet in the main building and the kitchen provides facilities for drinks and light refreshments. Select the "Location" link above for information about other park and local facilities.

Carriages are available for the ground level track, all of which are fitted with automatic vacuum brakes. A few driving trucks are available for both tracks but please bring your own if possible.

Locomotives intending to haul public passenger trains are required to use vacuum braked stock. If a locomotive is not vacuum fitted, a battery powered vacuum generator and brake valve can be provided.

Supplies of coal, oils and mains water are available. Facilities include raised steaming bays, 12V and 24V DC blower power supplies and compressed air.

All visitors who are participating in the operation of the railway must provide evidence of third party liability insurance.

Owners of steam locomotives must have for inspection a valid boiler certificate prior to running.

When night running, front and rear lamps must be fitted to the train.

Wheels must comply with the standards shown below to avoid track damage. All wheels will be checked on site and if not in compliance shall not be permitted on the track. Wheels to standards set by Martin Evans/Tubal Cain and the 7 1/4 Gauge Society are acceptable - e.g. the 7 1/4 gauge back to back is nominally 6.8 inches in the first case but the 7 1/4 Gauge Society of 6.75 inches minimum is acceptable. A detailed wheel profile can be downloaded here.