Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
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Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway

About Us

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The club started out as Ascot Locomotive Club and a miniature railway was built in the grounds of Heatherdown Preparatory School in Ascot. When the school closed, the site was sold to the Licenced Victuallers School who then moved to Ascot from Slough. This change resulted in the club needing to find an alternative site for the railway.

The club members found a suitable site in Frimley Lodge Park and in 1988 the council was approached to see if they would be prepared to provide land for the railway. Permission was granted in 1989. Much of the railway infrastructure was transported from Ascot to Frimley Lodge Park. Some club members wanted to remain in the Ascot area and formed a separate club. The remaining members renamed the club Frimley and Ascot Locomotive Club (FALC), keeping Ascot in the name to retain the club's heritage. The council wanted the name of the railway to reflect its location, so the railway was named Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway (FLMR). The track laying was completed in late 1990, when a 'golden bolt' ceremony was conducted. The first rides for the public were in March 1991.

The main multi-gauge ground level track is around 1 kilometre long and we normally provide rides for the public on the first Sunday in the month from March to November. There are additional public running days on some Wednesdays during school holidays. There are a number of special events during the year. You can find further details, including ticket prices, operating times etc. on the Timetable and Fares page.

All club members are volunteers and proceeds from public running days are used for the upkeep and enhancement of the railway. We also support a number of charities.

In addition to the main ground level track there is a raised track for smaller locomotives. This track is not used for public rides.

Club members meet once a month, normally on the third Sunday, to run their own locomotives or those owned by the club. Public rides are not available on those days.