Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway
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Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway

Track Layout

The railway comprises a multigauge ground level track and a multigauge raised track.

Ground level track

The ground level track caters for 3.5, 5 and 7.5 inch gauge locomotives and vehicles. It is approximately 1km long and is used to give rides to the public as well as for club members’ and visitors' use. Rail construction is made using rectangular section steel with welded ties on timber or plastic sleepers, laid on limestone ballast. Running is clockwise and the minimum radius is 50 ft. Most curves are 60 ft, 90 ft and 120 ft radius and without gauge widening. Points are 60 ft minimum radius and back to back dimensions will be measured as part of the wheel standard checks, since this is especially important with multi gauge points. Inclines are a maximum of 1:80 up and 1:56 down.

Raised track

The raised track caters for 2.5, 3.5 and 5 inch gauge locomotives and vehicles. It is approximately 200 m long and is for club members and visitors only; no public rides are available. The minimum radius is 20 ft and is suitable only for short wheelbase locomotives. Minimum ground clearance is 13 inches and maximum is 45 inches. This is to avoid excessive inclines. Based on a 5 inch gauge riding truck, the smallest clearance from rail head to underside of footrests should be 12 inches or less. At rail head height, the internal lateral space between foot rests or side panels must be at least 10 inches or rather more if the riding truck is long wheel base and with side panels, to take account of track curves.


Ground level track - click on image to enlarge